Q: How much will it cost me to assemble the entire flight sim cockpit and where do I get the rest of the components?

A: Building a very capable flight sim suitable for VFR or IFR practicing can be surprisingly affordable with the Volair Sim concept. Please download the following Guidance Document for details.

Q: Which locations do you ship to?

A: We currently ship to United States (including AK, and HI), Canada, Mexico, most of EU, Australia, Brazil, and UAE. For other international shipments, contact us and provide complete mailing address for a quote. Please note that the cost of the international shipment is driven by the size and weight of the box. We are happy to offer our reduced UPS shipping rates to the customers at check-out.

Q: What are the cockpit package and overall dimensions of the cockpit and the Avionics Panel and how much space do I need?

A: The cockpit comes in two boxes. The first box measures 37"x23"x22" and weight 68 lbs and the second box measures 24"x22"x17" and weighs 66 lbs. The cockpit itself ideally best fits in a corner of a room and you need about 5ft x 5ft of free space, assuming that you are using the three monitors. 

The Avionics Panel dimensions are: 39.5in x 11in x 5in. The shipping box size is 44in x 15in x 9in and weights about 20 lbs

The seat height is 37cm from the floor (14").  The dimensions for the left and right side seat mounting plates are approx. 8in(W)x9in(L). The other cockpit base dimensions are as shown below:

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Volair Sim Universal Flight And Racing Cockpit

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What flight simulation accessories is the Volair Sim™ Cockpit compatible with?

A: Volair Sim™ Cockpit is fully compatible with all Logitech/Saitek, CH Products, and Thrustmaster accessories. Specifically, the avionics table is pre-drilled to accept the Saitek/Logietch Pro Flight Yoke and the Logitech/Saitek Pro Flight line of flight simulation accessories such as the Radio Panel, the Multi Panel, the BIP, Switch Panel, etc. There are no holes to drill, just take all of your Logitech/Saitek components and mount them directly to the yoke table or, if using our Volair Sim Avionics Panel, mount them directly into the panel.

The left and right stick mounts are also pre-drilled to accept a single or dual Saitek Throttle Quadrant(s),Trim Wheel, Saitek X-56,Saitek X-52and Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog. The pedal base accepts a wide variety of rudder pedals such as: CH Products, Saitek, Thrustmaster, and Elite.The rudder pedals mount to the pedal base with provided Velcro strips.

The center stick mount that is included is pre-drilled for Saitek X-52 and Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog.


Q: What mounting hardware do I need for the Saitek/Logitech and Thrustmaster gear?

A: In order to mount the Logitech/Saitek Pro Flight components using the pre-drilled holes on the cockpit, you will need M4x10mm screws (4mmx0.70x10mm long). You will also need nuts to mount the Saitek Panels (Radio, Switch, BIP, etc.) We suggest you get nylon lock-nuts to prevent panels from becoming loose with time. You combine the panels by attaching them together using thumb screws provided with each Saitek panel.
In order to mount the Logitech G27/G29/G920 steering wheel, shifter, and pedals using the pre-drilled locations, you will need four (4) M6x10mm long machine screws (2 for the wheel and 2 for the shifter), and four (4) M6x16mm screws for the pedals. You can purchase these at any hardware store in the metric fastener section.

Please see the video below for Thrustmaster WARTHOG installation:


Q: Why does Volair Sim Cockpit comes with all mounts and accessories in the standard package and you do not offer them separately?

A: Great question. Most manufacturers have a strategy to charge a lower base price for the “bare” cockpit and then charge high premium for extras. We, at Volair Sim, believe that you should not pay premium for accessories that you may need now or in the future. For instance, many simmers start with single monitor but down the road end up with three monitors for best flying or racing experience. We provide these in the kit standard, knowing that sooner or later you will need them. The same goes for the yoke or shifter mounts. You get ALL the left, center and right mounts included for maximum configurability. See the table below for comparison of Volair Sim to some popular gaming sim cockpits:

Q: What about racing simulation? Which wheel, pedal base, and shifter can I use with Volair Sim? How do I mount them?

A: Volair Sim™ is the world’s first and only universal flight and racing sim chassis that is factory pre-configured for the Logitech® G27, Logitech G29/920, and Thrustmaster T500RS racing wheel/pedals which is arguably the most popular and desirable racing wheel for serious racing simmers. Both the work table and the side stick mounts are pre-configured and pre-drilled for the Logitech® G27 and Logitech G29/920 components. The pedal base is also pre-drilled to accept the racing pedal set for permanent installation.

Q: How large of a monitor can I mount on the Volair Sim chassis?

A: You can mount a single 52" TV or up to three 32” monitors as long asthe monitors support one of our three VESA bolt patterns. All three monitor mounts are factory pre-drilled for the industry-standard VESA monitor bolt patterns: 75mmx75mm, 100mmx100mm, 200mm(H)x100mm(V) mounting, and 200mmx200mm mounting for the center monitor to allow mounting single large displays. If you need to mount displays larger than 32", we recommend that you purchase our stand-alone Triple Display Stand which will accommodate TVs up-to 46" in diagonal.

Q: How do I properly align the triple monitors?

A: In order to get the alignment of the side monitors with the center monitor, first loosen all of the adjustment screws on the monitor arms, monitor brackets, and on the back of the monitor (VESA). Note that in order to get the proper alignment you can move the side monitors on their arms and also slide the monitor left and right arms in and out of the center support. Also, note that the holes on the monitor brackets are slotted so you can rotate the monitors slightly and also move them up/down. Lastly, you can also move the center monitor up/down on the VESA mount on the slotted holes to get good vertical alignment with the side monitors.

Next, ask a helper to hold the left monitor in perfect position with the center monitor. When satisfied with the position, tighten all of the screws while the helper is holding the monitor in position until you are finished. Next, repeat the process for the right monitor taking care that the angle and bezel spacing of the right monitor is same as the left one. Again, remember you can achieve the right angle and bezel position by independently moving the arm in/out of the center support and also sliding the monitor left and right on the arm.  With little time and patience a seamless positioning can be achieved where the monitors are aligned well with the center monitor and the bezel spacing is minimized and uniform.

Q: Can I switch between the flight and racing controllers or do I have to hard-mount the yoke or wheel?

A: You can definitely set-up your cockpit for easy swap between the flight and sim modes. We give you the option for permanent or swappable installation and you should consider purchasing additional Avionics Table/Support and an extra Side Mount from us for easy changes between flight and racing modes.

Q: I am over 6’ tall and a bit on the heavy side. Will I be able to use the cockpit?

A: We have designed the Volair Sim cockpit to accommodate a variety of body frames and heights. The seat base has two adjustable tubes that allow you to shorten or lengthen the entire chassis to accommodate a range of 48" to 80" in height. The seat has been designed to accommodate users up to 260lbs.

Q: What are the warranty terms for Volair Sim products?

A: Volair Sim offers a one-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship to the original purchaser of Volair Sim products. For details, please see the Terms and Conditions in the Buy section of the web-site.

Q: Where can I get a replacement for my assembly instructions?

A: Please download the manual below by clicking on the corresponding button below.